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Nation, Rise Up, and Let the Storm Break Loose

Nation, Rise Up, and Let the Storm Break Loose
By Joseph Goebbels
18th of February, 1943
Only three weeks ago I stood in this place to read the Führer’s proclamation on the 10th anniversary of the seizure of power, and to speak to you and to the German people. The crisis we now face on the Eastern Front was at its height. In the midst of the hard misfortunes the nation faced in the battle on the Volga, we gathered together in a mass meeting on the 30th of January to display our unity, our unanimity and our strong will to overcome the difficulties we faced in the fourth year of the war.
It was a moving experience for me, and probably also for all of you, to be bound by radio with the last heroic fighters in Stalingrad during our powerful meeting here in the Sport Palace. They radioed to us that they had heard the Führer’s proclamation, and perhaps for the last time in their lives joined us in raising their hands
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Hitler's Speech to the N.S.W.L.

Adolf Hitler’s speech to the National Socialist Women’s League
September 8, 1934
The slogan ’emancipation of women’ was invented by Jewish intellectuals and its content was formed by the same spirit. In the really good times of German life the German woman had no need to emancipate herself. She possessed exactly what nature had necessarily given her to administer and preserve; just as the man in his good times had no need to fear that he would be ousted from his position in relation to the woman.
In fact the woman was least likely to challenge his position. Only when he was not absolutely certain in his knowledge of his task did the eternal instinct of self and race-preservation begin to rebel in women. There then grew from this rebellion a state of affairs which was unnatural and which lasted until both sexes returned to the respective spheres which an eternally wise providence had preordained for them.
If the ma
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Stand Up and Be Counted

Stand Up and Be Counted!
Stand up and be counted, show the world that youre a man! Stand up and be counted go with the Ku Klux Klan! We are a sacred brotherhood, who love our country too. We always can be counted on, when there's a job to do. We serve our homeland day and night, to keep it always free. Proudly wear our robes of White, protecting liberty.
Stand up and be counted, show the world that youre a man! Stand up and be counted go with the Ku Klux Klan!
Survival cause for vigilance, the symbols of our land. The sword and water, robe and hood, betrayed our noble plan. In search for peace and liberty, we pledge our hearts in hands. We must defeat the communists to save our Christian land.
(2x) Stand up and be counted, show the world that youre a man! Stand up and be counted go with the Ku Klux Klan!
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The Reichstag Fire Decree and Enabling Act (1933)
How the National Socialists democratically altered the constitution:
It is often said that Hitler changed the constitution using a false flag attack, effectively transforming
Germany into a dictatorship. What most people are not taught, is how in reality, the National Socialists
respected the democratic constitution of the Weimar republic, using the provided tools to enact
democratically authorized measures. I will demonstrate to you why all of these so-called documentaries
and movies only briefly mention the Reichstag fire and the laws that were passed following this crisis.
The Reichstag Fire:
Marinus van der Lubbe
On 27 February 1933, a criminal arson is committed on the Reichstag (the German parliament). The
culprit is
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